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Mystery Crime Thriller

You Don't Know Me

Mystery Crime Thriller debut with  Erotica  - You Don't Know me

Hannah Hauptmann Trilogy BOOK 1  "You Don't Know Me"

A debut Novel bestseller in Germany set in Berlin & Stockholm. 

Paperback out May 15th!

The Story:

During the refugee crisis in 2015, Europe becomes a fractured and vulnerable continent. Right-wing voices are on the rise again. You Don't Know Me – Book One of the Hannah Hauptmann Trilogy takes place in Germany and Sweden. Multiple plots combine whilst exploring the double lived lives of crooked police officers, spies, diplomats, outsiders and normal citizens whose paths continuously cross and intertwine.

In book one, Hannah, a 34-year-old mother, and journalist living in Berlin is by chance reunited with her very first love, Anders, the chief of the anti-terror unit in Stockholm. Along with the police, he is trying to track down a serial killer who is murdering female refugees in Sweden. The trail leads to a shady establishment that Anders and many characters in this world are familiar with.

While Hannah and Anders rekindle their relationship, someone else is bent on harming Anders - and within a week, Hannah is told that Anders has taken his own life. Unconvinced, Hannah begins to investigate and finds herself pushed into a world of lies and intrigue, spies and right-wing extremists who are all tied to this Swedish fetish club. But by seeking the truth, she herself becomes a target.

An interweaved love story with a thriller, political controversy, erotica, and murder mystery style. A sneak peek into multiple underworlds that many of us would never know existed. There is a lot of political and sexual content, BDSM scenes 18+ recommended, as well as strong graphic language.

A controversial book, not a read for the faint of heart!


During the launch it became an Amazon #1 bestseller in the free category crime/suspense. Then it chart flip flopped becoming a two month Amazon bestseller in the paid category Crime/Thriller/Suspense. The book is now on and off a bestseller in three paid belletristic categories on

The kindle  e-book is a .99C grab on amazon.




Thank you for taking your time reading this. I hope you enjoy the story. I am always grateful for feedback or an honest review. 

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